The End. Ahhhh.

One of the best feelings.

Greetings from Marseille!
Summer is on its way (later than usual) and the sun is shining bright.

Which is awesome, don’t get me wrong, that’s what I moved to southern France for (okay, the food, wine, and French accent were also a draw), but right now I DON’T EVEN CARE.


Because I just typed the magic words… The End.

I celebrated by taking Missy out for a walk – just look at that happy face! I’m sure she’s celebrating with me and not only thrilled to be swimming in a mucky pond.

Oh, what a relief, what a delight, what an adventure it was to get this book done. While writing this book…

  • I got Covid (it sucked)
  • The building next to mine caught on fire, blasting out windows and causing evacuation
  • I doubted I would ever finish (I got a big dose of “imposter syndrome”, wondering if I had the right to call myself a writer)

All in all, I am so pleased, relieved, and plain old happy this next story is down on paper. It is the first of a new trilogy, and I’ll tell you much more, but here’s the rough idea:

She’s got to save humanity from a parallel world. She has abilities strong enough to knock her on her backside. Everything depends on her… and she’s twelve years old.

I’ve always really believed that children are what will save the earth – so I brought that into this story.

With that, friends and readers, I’m going to start that ever-important editing process, and maybe even start thinking about Book 2. Or maybe I’ll just have a big glass of cheap champagne.