Blood Reign

Dark Epic Fantasy. But feels awfully close to real.

Imagine a world dominated by women, veering back into a feudal darkness yet thriving on the cutting edge of genetic science. Here, the queen dictates the destiny of all through fear and manipulation, while a few dare to do the one thing most forbidden: to love another.

Blood of the Settler Queen will take you at once to the future and to the past, with Celtic, Greek, and Persian allusions, and a genetic modern Frankenstein who commands the world.

Inspired by Game of Thrones, 1984, and The Power, this is book one of the Blood Reign Trilogy. Every book will launch on Kickstarter with exclusive rewards at least eight months before being available elsewhere.

Get ready for tropes including:

  • An oppressive regime and underground rebellion
  • Fugitive princess
  • Forbidden love
  • Eugenics and genetic modification
  • Moral dilemmas that will decide the future of humanity

Does the world stand a chance? And does it deserve it?

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