A five-year-old writing me.

Oh wow. Just found my childhood diaries.

I forgot I had these. Twenty plus diaries that I kept irregularly throughout my childhood and adolescence. Seems my writing career started earlier than I realized. I was a documenter.

Granted, they are the musings of a barely literate child, but when I read what she wrote, the experience is almost out-of-body. “She” is me, and there’s so much about the world she doesn’t know yet, though she thinks she knows a lot. And as far as five-year-olds go, she has a fair number of opinions about teachers and friends and parenting styles.

What I find most endearing is that she (that is, I) writes to her diary as though it is a person, addressing it often with “I’m sorry it’s been a while”.

As I flip through the pages, I’m going to note a few that are share-worthy. Many are cringe-worthy, laugh-worthy, and sometimes downright surreal – but they are the stories of a young girl exploring the world.

I hope you enjoy seeing life through her simple words. More to come…