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The Portal Chronicles

A fresh Coming-of-Age Fantasy series

What if our desires create fantastic worlds?

From an island academy to a world of echoes—one girl must fight for truth.

Like every other girl at her island residential academy, Ravlen has no parents, no history, and is being trained in metaphysics and martial arts.

But when a mysterious man appears and offers her a chance to discover the secrets of her past, Ravlen must follow him into the echo world, where every desire of the human heart is fulfilled—at a price.

The echo cannot last.

Ravlen must fight enemies disguised as friends and save those who fall victim to the echo’s magnetic pull. But can she destroy the world where her own story began?

Or will the allure of her greatest desires claim her too?

With heart-pumping action, thrilling adventure, and a dash of magic, “Kingdom of Echoes: The Portal Chronicles” is a must-read fantasy novel for fans of The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Percy Jackson.