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Echo Breaker is Launching!

Greetings from Marseille!

This is the email that every author lives for.

Dear Readers… I have a book for you:

Is a 12-year-old girl too young to save people from themselves? A world exists beyond reality, and that’s where Ravlen must go.


Ahhhhh. That felt good already! You can preorder it now on Amazon, it launches on Monday!!

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Now here’s the story behind the story.

Back in February I won a competition for an internship with an independent publisher (and author himself), Craig Martelle. I first submitted 250 words based on this prompt:

There are two characters. One has the initials MAR and the other is called Ravlen. The two are in a wooded area with a pond. In 250 words, make this a compelling start to a story (whatever genre you are comfortable writing except for erotica, horror, and children’s). I will give you no other details. Those are for you to determine.

Sneak peak:

Here’s what I wrote, and what just about became the first page of the book…

“You’re going to get that stuck in your eye.”

“I am not.” but Ravlen stopped spinning the vine of thorns.

“Stay focused. If we’re not back by nightfall, Carer Laan will put us in the Quiet Room.” Marriel cast a dirty glance downward at Ravlen who was three years younger.

“I don’t care,” Ravlen said, but she did care. She hated the Quiet Room. She’d spent too many hours in it during her fourth year, before she’d begun treatment. The carers called it a place of healing. For Ravlen, it was a prison. And yet she needed the Quiet Room. When everything used to scream inside her head – voices of lives past and the horrors they enacted on each other – she’d be consumed by one black thought of death. The Quiet Room’s walls were stuffed with wild cotton. Ravlen had slammed herself against them time and time again, anything to end it, but they’d held strong and soft against her attacks. Yes, Ravlen hated those walls, but she also owed them her life.

“I think I see the magic pond.” Ravlen smiled into the distance.

“You see nothing.”

“It’s just ahead.”

Marriel tripped on a tree root and tumbled into brambles. “Oh, it hurts! Is it broken? You have to help me up.”

“Don’t look at me!” Ravlen’s neck grew hot. “You are supposed to be my overseer, but you are the weaker one. We should be Ravlen-At-Marriel and not the other way around.”


After I submitted this (along with a business plan, which is definitely NOT my forte), I was asked to submit two chapters.

And then I was selected.

Holy smokes, I was OVER THE MOON!

And then a week later, I caught “that virus”. Not an easy case either, more like a “thou shalt stay in bed and fear for your life while you sweat out every bit of liquid in your body for two weeks” kind of case. I am so grateful, on so many levels, that I got through it.

But creativity was hard to come by for a while, and I was starting to wonder if I could really make this happen.

I am here today to tell you – it happened.

Not only that, but all three books are drafted, the first one edited and covered and READY TO GO! Here’s the series:

Echo Breaker (Oct 18)

Echo Chaser (Nov 15)

Echo Ender (Dec 13)

I have come to love Ravlen and her friends, and I hope you do, too.

A big thanks goes out to those of you who gave me ideas for names (I thank you in the book!), and a special reader who did the final proofread to catch some errant typos (you know who you are, Latisha!)

With that, dear readers, I must get to preparing Book 2 for launch. I do hope you’ll pick up Echo Breaker and – more so – I hope that you’ll love it.

More backstory coming soon!

All the best,

Eden E. Wolfe


The Not Enough Series, launching now!

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