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Lower Earth Rising

Dystopian. Contemporary Fantasy. A little too close to real.

There was war. And then there was Lower Earth.

Two hundred years since the Final War destroyed humanity’s traditional method of procreation.

Women number 90% of the population.

The Queen rules with an iron fist, the only way to ensure Lower Earth can survive and eventually thrive again.

Aria was designed to lead Lower Earth back to prosperity. Her genetic code was perfected under Lucius’ watchful eye, as the only man left capable of such scientific wonders.

But nothing ever goes to plan.

With more enemies than friends, and some even closer to her than she knows, Aria finds herself in the hunted by the very world she was to reign over.

Meet the royalty, the geneticists, the women and the few remaining men of Lower Earth in this vast collection of stories.

Does the world stand a chance? And does it deserve it?

Find out in this three-book collection of Lower Earth Rising today.

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